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  • Start of mass production of automatic train protection system (KLUB) at IRZ.

  • Establishing of IRZ-Lokomotive company for production of railway automatics.

  • Development and start of production of automatic train protection systems for special rolling stock of II category (KLUB-P), special rolling stock of I category (KLUB-UP).

  • Start of production of unified automatic train protection systems (KLUB-U).

  • Start of production of automatic blocking systems with centralized equipment deployment, toned track circuits and backup channels of data transmission (ABTC-M).

  • Start of massproduction of video monitoring systems (SKRPD), the system is operated by Moscow and Saint-Petersburg metros.

  • Development ofautomatic protection system (SSPS-KH) for rail-track vehicles and light motorcars.

  • IRZ-Lokomotiv together with High Speed Rail Lines and Russian Railway Institute (NIIAS) took part in the development and production of automatic protection system SOB-400 for high-speed trains in the scope of the “Moscow-Kazan High-Speed Line” project.